Unique Car Gadgets for your Automotive Enjoyment

December 30th, 2015 by

Bacon Air Freshener
Bacon? Air Freshener? Are you sold already? This handy little tool is only $2.99, a small price to pay to make your car smell like bacon. That’s right, every time you get in your vehicle your nose will be hit with that instantly recognizable scent. Buyers beware though; this purchase may lead to excessive bacon buying.

Coffee Cup Power Converter
Because you can never have too many places to charge your iPhone, dvd player or cell phone, the folks at thinkgeek.com have created this specially designed power source that conveniently fits into your car’s cupholder. It can charge up to three devices at once and also comes with a USB port. How cool is that!

LED Car Sign
Do you ever wish you could do more than just frenetic hand gestures while driving? Sometimes the shake of a fist or raised hands in frustration just doesn’t communicate what you’re thinking to other drivers and that’s where the Drivemocion LED Car Sign comes in. It attaches to the rear windshield and at the push of a button, you can let a tailgater know how you feel, displaying the words BACK OFF, or apologize for cutting another drive off with the word SORRY appearing on the screen. There are over 16 different messages and faces you can make with the Drivemocion so you can tell other drivers how you really feel.

Star Wars Family Car Decals
You’re probably used to seeing those car decals with two parents, a couple of kids and maybe a dog or a cat. Well, thinkgeek.com has put a new spin on the family car decal and now offers Star Wars decals! Some of the many tall and mini characters you can collect are Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Yoda, Boba Fett, little Luke Skywalker and little Stormtrooper. If you’re tired of the typical family decal, then these are definitely for you and the price is also right – for only $14.99 you get 50 stickers with 19 distinct characters.

Check out all of these great car gadgets and more at www.thinkgeek.com

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